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The Articulated EP – SGX Hiphop Remixes

Five SGX remixes of (mostly) D.C./Baltimore area hiphop acts for your FREE consumption, PLUS an awesome bonus live remix performance of the whole EP done by D.C. DJ As-One (see below video).

More information, credits, artist mini-bios, and videos can be found at the The Articulated Album Page.

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Right Back Up (EP)

The original Right Back Up, plus the SGX remix, and remixes by Hy Bound and Navi, the vocalist on the track. Grab it “name your own price” here, or find it at your favorite music retailer.
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BigBot Audio Drop Soundtrack / SGXRMX3

Pay what you want/FREE digital-only release in the SGX Store!

Compilation of favorite SGX songs which appear in the game BigBot Audio Drop from BigBot Systems (releasing soon for WindowsPhone7), PLUS seven bonus remixes by SGX, Hollidayrain, Hy Bound, Malcos, Flexstyle, and Austin Killey.

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Wonderful Bite

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Hero of the Grey Area


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Released late 2007, SGX intersperses electro, breakbeat, and industrial beats between lush orchestrations, growling synth basses, and transporting soundscapes. “Hero” is at the same time electronic and synthetic plus natural and human.

Hero of the Grey Area features A Meal for a Whale – a track made with only a software sequencer/sampler, a piano, and the audio toy/game Electroplankton for the Nintendo DS as sound sources. SGX effects, samples, records, and manipulates his way through this at once lo-fi and lush recording creating tides of relaxed beauty and exuberance.


i.transmit.this EP


Protagonist Records

The four-movement i.transmit.this is exercise in re-use and modulation of interchangeable musical ideas. SGX begins with simple overlapping piano melodies that appear and re-appear in later parts of the piece as different instruments and ideas, inspiring new ideas. i.transmit.this branches, grows new limbs, and finally returns to the main concepts which in the end bear the influences of the new ideas that were themselves inspired by the original concepts.

The i.transmit.this EP features five continuations of the song from SGXRMX Project alumni Hy Bound, Nicole Adams, David L. Puga, and Malcos.

Released as a companion to the Hero of the Grey Area album.