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Right Back Up (SGX’s Heavy DJ Remix)

This is a half-time, heavy beat, electro, hip hop, dub-step-esque awesome remix of Right Back Up featuring Navi‘s vocals from the original wich was featured on the album Wonderful Bite.

The Soundcloud embed above is the full version for streaming only, however the download button at the bottom of this post will allow you to download the very short version. For now, I’m holding onto the full version download for an upcoming EP project I’m working on (which will be a free/pay what you like release).

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True (Flexstyle Remix)

Another track from the Audio Drop soundtrack, Flexstyle busts out a hot remix of the vocal track True.

In other news, the SGXRMX3 version of the album (same album, minus the original tracks which are already on other albums) can now be found on the FiXT Store.

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Coactive (Hollidayrain’s 2011 Remix)

Continuing the spotlight on tracks from the album, Hollidayrain‘s second remix of Coactive for SGXRMX3/BigBot Audio Drop Soundtrack is a pretty kickass dubstep style groove. Deep bass, heavy drums, pretty awesome.

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Amity (Hy Bound’s Horrorville Mix)

Hy Bound’s remix of Amity which can be found on the BigBot Audio Drop Soundtrack album. This thing is lousy with gating, stuttering, and glitchy textures which compliment the orchestral stabs of the original. Really awesome stuff.

I’m going to be releasing the remixes from the album once a week or so, or you can just grab them all here if you haven’t yet.

Push Anyway

Remixed from both Die Anyway and Push from the album Wonderful Bite, this is one of the remixed tracks from the BigBot Audio Drop game soundtrack releasing this Monday.

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Die Anyway

There’s a longer edit of this track available on Wonderful Bite!

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