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Cool little SGX bio video

Thought listeners might be interested in this cool little bio video that was done about me!

I’d also like to let you know that I’m not dead and I plan on making music again very soon, so stay tuned.

If you’ve got a Windows Phone, you gotta check out my game!

The first version has been out for a bit, but we’ve made a lot of tweaks and just released a new free to play version. If you’ve got a WindowsPhone (version 7.5 or 8), you gotta check it out!

It even got reviewed fairly well!

Check out the Free version or the Paid version.

It contains SGX music (soundtrack here), I co-designed the gameplay, and designed the graphics except for the background illustrations.


The Articulated – SGX HipHop Remixes coming Nov 14

Announcing The Articulated – a new EP of SGX remixes of hiphop artists from around the Baltimore/D.C. area (save for one!). Coming November 14th as a free download, I’m thinking you’ll dig it! I should be releasing one track early, so stay tuned on how to get that.

Coming soon: Right Back Up EP

Sunday, August 5th: Check out the new EP for the low, low price of $0 to $infinity. Get your hands on the full-length SGX Heavy DJ RBU Remix (remastered), the remastered original Right Back Up, a BANGIN’ remix by Hy Bound, and Navi himself provided a funky hiphop mix of the track. Pay what you want here, or pay normal prices at all the normal e-retailers.

Audio Drop Soundtrack/SGXRMX3 remixes on Youtube

I’ve loaded up the remixes from the BigBot Audio Drop Soundtrack to YouTube. Check em out, enjoy, subscribe to my channel! Thanks!

Ableton Live Quick Tip: Bouncing using freeze function

I’m going to make some music production tip videos on occasion, so subscribe to my youtube channel!