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Grab a free SGXRMX2 CD

Hey folks!  I was preparing the third SGX Remix project album for release (at a pay what you want: no minimum price point) and thought, “Hey, I’ve still got a bunch of SGXRMX2 discs laying around.”  So, let’s move em out!

If you buy any physical item (Wonderful Bite CD, or Hero of the Grey Area CD) and your cart total is above $15 before shipping, I’ll pop a free SGXRMX2 CD in the package when I ship it.

You can either tip on an order of one CD (in addition, as always, if you tip at least $1 on a Wonderful Bite CD order I’ll also include another copy of that CD as well) to get it up to $15, or buy some digital items.

Head to the SGX Store!

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