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Got Money?

I make some money from my creative endeavors, but it is not yet replacing my necessary cubicle habit. I’m not going to ask for donations. If you have some money you want to throw at me, do yourself a favor and buy an album. If you buy an album and think it is worth more than what you paid, just buy some more albums. I have several available!

Buying from the Protagonist Records Webstore will put the highest percentage of your money directly into my pocket (I own and operate Protagonist).  PLUS, if you feel generous, you can pay what you like above the base price. While you are in there, support some of my fellow electronica buddies.

Got friends?

If you are stingy or poor, you can still help me out. Become a fan on Facebook, then send a message to all your Facebook friends to check me out and become fans as well. This is HUGE.  Participate in discussions on Facebook. Comments are seen by your buddies and if you appear interested in something, they will be too! Use the Facebook comments tool in posts on and check the box that says “Post comment to my Facebook profile.”

Follow me on Twitter.  Retweet all the awesome things I say, and all the awesome links to new tracks I post.

Tell your friends in person about SGX, play my music in the car when you’re driving a buddy somewhere, burn them a copy of a CD (I’d rather have a new fan who doesn’t spend money on me than no fan), send them a few mp3’s, hum some SGX melodies to your mom on Skype, send a cassette tape of you beatboxing an SGX beat to your grandpa in Idaho via snail-mail!  If you’ve got a podcast you like who plays music or needs background tunes, send them some tracks and ask them to link to Have a stupid youtube video that could use a background track? SGX! Just link to!  GET THE WORD OUT!

Got skillz?

If you are computer-music talented, REMIX an SGX track. Share it everywhere.  Make music videos?  Make a music video to a track of mine and post it on youtube.  I don’t care if you are terrible, or great.  If you are great, I’ll feature your remix or video at  If you are awesome, there may be some future work opportunities with me coming your way.

Thanks for your support guys!

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