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Ableton Live Quick Tip: Bouncing using freeze function

I’m going to make some music production tip videos on occasion, so subscribe to my youtube channel!

Valentine’s Day music video

While not directly SGX related, I thought I would share! I filmed and edited a special Valentine’s Day music video for Navi (the vocals on my Right Back Up and its remix) does vocals for near me in D.C. Enjoy!

Production walkthrough: Right Back Up SGX’s Heavy DJ Remix

Here’s a little walkthrough of the remix, showing a few little techniques and idea I used in this track and/or generally use a lot in my productions. This track was done in Ableton Live 8 using stems from the original Right Back Up available here, mostly Live native units, some z3ta+ synths.

If people find this interesting, I’ll produce more production-oriented content like this in the future. Let me know in the comments!

Right Back Up Remix on Youtube

Yeap! Subscribe to my Youtube Channel, y’all!

SGX Youtube channel is now playing with power

After a year or so of sparse-to-no content on my youtube channel, I’ve posted the tracks from the Wonderful Bite album with cool visualization animations.

I’ve wanted to have content on youtube for a long while, but I wanted to do better than just posting the song with a still image. I should be adding content on a more regular basis in the future, so make sure you subscribe! Do me a solid and share and embed away!

Right Back Up (SGX’s Heavy DJ Remix)

This is a half-time, heavy beat, electro, hip hop, dub-step-esque awesome remix of Right Back Up featuring Navi‘s vocals from the original wich was featured on the album Wonderful Bite.

The Soundcloud embed above is the full version for streaming only, however the download button at the bottom of this post will allow you to download the very short version. For now, I’m holding onto the full version download for an upcoming EP project I’m working on (which will be a free/pay what you like release).

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