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Amity [short edit]

This track has a slow, chunky beat, nice piano and string melodies, and a deep bass. It’s nice. Full version can be found on the album.

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Final Fantasy VII – No Such Thing as the Promised Land

I worked with sephfire (from the Mario Paint – Intense Color mix) to make this remix of “Mako Reactor” from FF7. It is featured in the OCRemix site project FFVII – Voices of the Lifestream. Get ready for some slick ambient sounds and industrial cruch with a heavy beat.

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A Meal For a Whale

Dreamy ambience, piano, glitchy beat. Every sound originated from the Nintendo DS audio toy/game Electroplankton and one piano patch. I used heavy audio manipulation and effecting on those recordings to make this track. Album version will be 2.5 minutes longer.

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Ambient and abstract, plus some orchestral parts, huge beat, and 5/4 time signature.

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Lo-Fi Attitude

Ambient strings, flute, pads, and sound effects, plus a glitchy, crunchy beat.

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Me Semper Maneas [Short Edit]

This track was a long time in coming. Lizz Fisher wrote the lyrics, Aurora performed the vocals. It’s a breakbeat, ambient, trancy track, with nice melodies. The version here is a short edit. The full version is 8:00 long and is about 8 times better in my opinion. The full version will be available on my next album release. The title is latin for “stay with me always.”

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