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Coactive (Hollidayrain’s 2011 Remix)

Continuing the spotlight on tracks from the album, Hollidayrain‘s second remix of Coactive for SGXRMX3/BigBot Audio Drop Soundtrack is a pretty kickass dubstep style groove. Deep bass, heavy drums, pretty awesome.

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Push Anyway

Remixed from both Die Anyway and Push from the album Wonderful Bite, this is one of the remixed tracks from the BigBot Audio Drop game soundtrack releasing this Monday.

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Remix an SGX track for SGXRMX3, but with a twist!

The short of it: I need two awesome remixers to remix two of my tracks for inclusion on my soon to be released videogame’s free soundtrack. Remixes are likely to end up in an expansion or new version of the videogame as well!

The long:  The game (BigBot AudioDrop) is using 6 of my songs (which have already appeared on Hero of the Grey Area and Wonderful Bite) which will be on the soundtrack album, and I felt one remix of each song would be a great bonus to include on the album.  The album will be available at a pay-what-you-want price (prices starting at free!), and will also be on iTunes, Amazon, Zune, etc.  I’ve already contacted four of my reliable, talented friends to do four of the songs, so I’m putting the call out publicly for the last two.

In addition, my game developer partner and I are very interested in releasing sequels or expansion packs to the game that include new songs.  Remixes done for this project will be among the first songs considered to be included in the game as an expansion pack or possible sequel/new version.

I need one remix each for:

And All That Between
(Update: I’ve recently got a good taker for this one. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you’re interested in case he drops out)
download the stems

Die Anyway
download the stems

I’m prepared to reward $50 for a remix to be used in the free album, and will pay another $50 to the remixer in the (likely) event that it is included in the game. 

This is getting long, so more (important) details are past the break.

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True [feat. Sekhret Hush]

There’s a longer edit of this track available on Wonderful Bite!

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