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Push Anyway

Remixed from both Die Anyway and Push from the album Wonderful Bite, this is one of the remixed tracks from the BigBot Audio Drop game soundtrack releasing this Monday.

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Die Anyway

There’s a longer edit of this track available on Wonderful Bite!

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Right Back Up [feat. Navi]

This is a collaboration with vocalist, Navi who lays down some sweet rhymes over top my kickass track. It sound a bit like recent The Prodigy tunes with big beats, gnarly synths, and a lot of attitude. This track is from the album Wonderful Bite Free and a longer cut can be found on the full Wonderful Bite.

Lyrics after the break.

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Freestyle (Unfinished)

This track is unfinished. It may resurface in very different form far in the future. It is a rough jam I recorded in one take, featuring some gratuitous synth soloing, breakbeats, and a sweet epic saw synth riff.

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Coactive [Over My Shoulder Mix]

My remix of Coactive for SGXRMX2. Begins, slower, more chilled out with a big laid-back beat and deep bass, but builds to a pretty intense and kinetic climax. Ends with a drum and bass choppy breakdown.

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Dirty breakbeats, nasty bassline, then intense, epic trance featuring a unique koto lead. The album version is 1.5 minutes longer.

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