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Communicate (SGX Mix)

This is a remix of BT’s “Communicate.” Unlike my other ‘remixes’ wich are actually arrangements, this one is actually made up mostly from modified audio samples of the original.

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Deep Breath

Awesome, long, epic, intense breakbeat trance. Very BT inspired. Includes vocals clips by Aurora.

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Beyond Good and Evil – Frame of Mind

This is a remix of both the main BGaE theme and the Hillys theme from the game. I collaborated with Destructo on the arrangement and Aurora who sang the vocals. I arranged the intro and ending sections (BGaE main theme), while Destructo was responsible for the arrangement of the Hillys theme. I added my electronic flavors throughout the track and wrote for the vocalist. Enjoy this laid back, flowing, atmospheric remix! Thanks to Destructo and Aurora who both did an amazing job.

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Save Me (ICO Remix)

Nine minute trance remix of the one minute save-screen theme from the PS2 game, ICO. Good, melodic trance with Robert Miles-esque delayed piano, and a hot breakbeat section. Large, emotional builds.

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