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And All That Between

Slowish, abstract, natural, acoustic and chippy with some big buildups. Inspired by stuff like Telefon Tel Aviv and BT’s This Binary Universe.  Uplifting and unique. Longer album version available on the album Wonderful Bite

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Right Back Up [feat. Navi]

This is a collaboration with vocalist, Navi who lays down some sweet rhymes over top my kickass track. It sound a bit like recent The Prodigy tunes with big beats, gnarly synths, and a lot of attitude. This track is from the album Wonderful Bite Free and a longer cut can be found on the full Wonderful Bite.

Lyrics after the break.

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soulsight [Soul Vision remix by torukine]

Just got this new remix submitted today by torukine.  Not mind-blowingly different, but a cool new beat has been added, some different chords.  Tasty.

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Epic melodic trance with a piano lead and growling, pumping bassline.

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Lux Aeterna – Requiem for a Dream [SGX’s Transient Mix]

This is my remix of that iconic song from the movie “Requiem for a Dream.” You’ve probably heard it in some movie trailers too, such as the Lord of the Rings Two Towers trailer. This mix is part drum and bass and part big beat, with orchestral elements similar to the original, and a nasty, very prominent bass. Enjoy!

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i.transmit.this transmission received [Destructo]

Destructo’s rendition of SGX’s “i.transmit.this” planned to be included with i.transmit.this EP along with the other remixes done by other artists, but he wasn’t able to finish in time. Here it is, better late than never, for free download. The track begins with an atmospheric piano section then evolves into a light jazzy motif with some improv electric guitar. Tasty!

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