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Remix complete! The Old States – Chain Gangs Build Railroads (SGX Remix)

I was commissioned to do this remix of a White Stripes-esque rock track. It’s a lot of fun. Unfortunately the band doesn’t seem to have anything online other than their EP available on digital retailers, so I can’t tell ya more about the group. Also, I’m not allowed to offer downloads – just streaming. Enjoy!

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Push Anyway

Remixed from both Die Anyway and Push from the album Wonderful Bite, this is one of the remixed tracks from the BigBot Audio Drop game soundtrack releasing this Monday.

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But Underneath All That

There’s a longer edit of this track available on Wonderful Bite!

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A Meal For a Whale

Dreamy ambience, piano, glitchy beat. Every sound originated from the Nintendo DS audio toy/game Electroplankton and one piano patch. I used heavy audio manipulation and effecting on those recordings to make this track. Album version will be 2.5 minutes longer.

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