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And All That Between

Slowish, abstract, natural, acoustic and chippy with some big buildups. Inspired by stuff like Telefon Tel Aviv and BT’s This Binary Universe. ¬†Uplifting and unique. Longer album version available on the album Wonderful Bite

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Epic melodic trance with a piano lead and growling, pumping bassline.

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Amity [short edit]

This track has a slow, chunky beat, nice piano and string melodies, and a deep bass. It’s nice. Full version can be found on the album.

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Coactive [Over My Shoulder Mix]

My remix of Coactive for SGXRMX2. Begins, slower, more chilled out with a big laid-back beat and deep bass, but builds to a pretty intense and kinetic climax. Ends with a drum and bass choppy breakdown.

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