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There’s a longer edit of this track available on Wonderful Bite!

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Lux Aeterna – Requiem for a Dream [SGX’s Transient Mix]

This is my remix of that iconic song from the movie “Requiem for a Dream.” You’ve probably heard it in some movie trailers too, such as the Lord of the Rings Two Towers trailer. This mix is part drum and bass and part big beat, with orchestral elements similar to the original, and a nasty, very prominent bass. Enjoy!

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Have No Tyrant

Thumping beats, crunchy breaks, angry synths, epic strings, deep bass. Yum yum. Hope you enjoy this track off of my upcoming album.

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Ambient and abstract, plus some orchestral parts, huge beat, and 5/4 time signature.

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Me Semper Maneas [Short Edit]

This track was a long time in coming. Lizz Fisher wrote the lyrics, Aurora performed the vocals. It’s a breakbeat, ambient, trancy track, with nice melodies. The version here is a short edit. The full version is 8:00 long and is about 8 times better in my opinion. The full version will be available on my next album release. The title is latin for “stay with me always.”

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Big, funky-ish beats, deep bass, orchestral melodies, and quotes from Aaron Copland about composing. (I thought some of it was neat, so I threw it in)

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